Welcome to KUDO! We’re happy to have you here. Well, figuratively, because with KUDO you can be anywhere in the world. That’s right. A smartphone or a computer is all you need to join an onsite or online meeting. 

Well, let me back up a little. What exactly is KUDO? —you may be asking yourself. 

KUDO is a cloud-based platform allowing businesses and clients to connect onsite or online using whatever language they choose to speak. We champion diversity, seeking to help our clients and users break through geographic and language barriers.   

KUDO is also fitted with all the collaboration tools that you could expect to find on any other web conferencing platforms. The list includes document sharing, screen sharing, voting features, microphone and camera control, to name a few. 

But what really makes KUDO unique is the built-in language selector located on the bottom left corner of the user’s screen. Here, the first thing a user sees is the word Floor, which means the original audio spoken by the presenter. Clicking there will reveal a list of languages in a drop-down menu. By choosing one of these languages, say Hungarian, the user will be listening to the Hungarian channel throughout the meeting. If a speaker speaks in Hungarian, then the user will hear them, but the moment the presenter from Georgia speaks, the user will hear the Hungarian interpreter on the channel. Without ever having to change the channel. 


KUDO is built around language interpretation, for which reason our technology prioritizes audio over video. If the internet connection wavers, the video quality may suffer for a second or two, but audio quality will be preserved. Again, due to KUDO’s focus on audio and interpretation, latency between the original audio source and the interpreted version is negligible, at less than 200 milliseconds. Even when up to 3,000 users are tuning into each language channel. Sound enticing? Try it out for yourself at kudoway.com/demo. 

KUDO is constantly innovating and optimizing its solutions. In addition to web conferencing, KUDO also offers solutions for live events, webinars and trainings and their new multilingual widget you can embed on your own website.

KUDO keeps a roster of hundreds of KUDO Certified interpreters, ready to accept assignments at short notice. Clients can also use their own interpreters, if they prefer. KUDO will provide the necessary training. 

Now, if you are an interpreter, listen up: KUDO offers its own certification program to make you proficient in the use of this market-enhancing platform. You can follow an online tutorial followed by an onboarding webinar where you’ll get to test out KUDO’s every functionality, including full multilingual relay. With that, you will be able to start accepting assignments on KUDO effective immediately. 

While interpreters can work from anywhere, KUDO also has a network of Partner Studios located in various cities around the world. This ensures interpreters will be able to always work with a colleague, under ideal technical conditions, and count with the support of an onsite operator. Click here to learn more about Partner Studios.

KUDO’s intuitive platform is easy-to-use and provides the solutions needed for multilingual events to take place successfully. Make your next multilingual event a success with KUDO and overcome the language barrier. Visit us at kudoway.com and give us a test drive. We promise you’ll be impressed. 

Samantha Vila

Samantha Vila

Conference Interpreter and Outreach Assistant

Samantha graduated with a Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in May 2019. She is a KUDO certified interpreter (ES<>EN). Learn more about Samantha at LinkedIn.