Client: Liz Geeslin

Liz is a Jeunesse Brand Ambassador and a Personal Chef. She maintains her own website but needed some help with on-page SEO. So my job was to take her existing website to a new level. After an initial assessment of her existing website, I wrote a catalog of things she could improve: from images to the use of plugins, as well as copy and strategy.

Rather than working though the tech issues herself, she decided to put her website into my hands. For multiple reasons I decided to rebuild the website from scratch so that she could start with a clean slate. I reworked all her images, taught her how to create web-optimized images using Canva, added more “meat” to her individual pages and optimized the structure of the website to ensure an improved user experience.

The size of her website was a whooping 1.2 GB. We brought that down to a slender 90 MB. She also opted to move from her original hoster. Liz now hosts with me and has access to personalized support throughout her blogging journey. I also might add that during this project I made a dear friend. Liz’s love for life is contageous and I absolutely love working with her.

Portfolio: Landing page for Nicola Moncy

 Project scope

  • On-page SEO
  • MailChimp integration
  • Instagram integration
  • Canva training
  • Strategy development
  • Content support

Some more details

These are “before and after” screenshots of the Home pages. Below each screenshot, you will find the GTmetrix reports for page speed, which is very important for SEO. Click the image to enlarge them.

The faster a website loads, the happier the user, the more time they spend on the website, which is a significant factor for your search engine ranking.

If you would like to test your own website for speed, go to Ideally, you will want to to have an A or B result, and your website should load under 2 seconds or faster.

Some factors that go into website speed are:

  • file sizes (including those of images)
  • requests (how many files does the browser have to retrieve to display your entire page?)
  • hosting