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I am happy to share my “tool belt” with you. Some of these are for translators, some for web designers, others are for freelancers in general. I use all of them in my own projects and for my business.
Product names/links marked with an asterisk​ (*) are affiliate links. 

WP Feedback*

I met the creator of WP Feedback at the #WCEU in Berlin in June 2019. His plugin totally blew my mind and I had to get the unlimited license on the spot. I am all for streamlining and simplifying processes and making things easy for my clients. But you can learn more about what WP Feedback does on their website. Just this much, from their website:

Allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website, while keeping it all in one place.
Saving you and your clients countless hours by getting straight to the point and getting things done!”

Learn more about WP Feedback here.


One of my favorite online tools is Canva. I use it create CVs and share them with my clients, to make visuals for social media posts, put together brand style guides, and more.
Join today and get a free premium asset!

Learn more about Canva here.


Ever wondered how you could build your website offline? Meet Local by Flywheel. You download it to your computer, set up a virtual web space in seconds and can working on your website as if it were on a live domain. And Flywheel also has great hosting! 

Learn more about Flywheel here.

Josh Hall*

If you want to know which colleague in the Divi sphere I  really admire, then I’d have to point you to Josh Hall. He’s a great guy (with a lovely family), very knowledgeable, and offers understandable tutorials, highly educational courses, and beautiful layouts.

Learn more about Josh Hall here.


WordPress Multilingual is a premium plugin for WordPress that lets you publish your website in different languages using human-produced translations. I’ve been using it since 2012.

Learn more about WPML here.

Elegant Themes*

I build websites using WordPress and the most popular, versatile, successful theme out there: Divi by Elegant Themes. I’ve been a member of Elegant Themes since 2012. Not only for their awesome product, but also for the community around it.

Learn more about Elegant Themes here.

Client Portal*

Client Portal is another powerful plugin that lets you turn your website into a client-focussed portal. From gathering content to providing their billing history and even simple courses, it’s all possible and I use it right here on this website.

Learn more about Client Portal here.


If you need to work on images only occasionally, the online photo editor Photopea gets about as close to Adobe Photoshop as can it can. And it’s free!

Check out here.

Borlabs Cookie*

GDPR & ePrivacy solution for WordPress: Easy-to-use and allows using cookies via opt-in. Allows for iFrames for YouTube/Vimeo videos and Google maps.

Check out here.


I run my courses on Teachable. For one, because it makes creating courses super easy. And then there’s the aspect of billing for digital products. I love to let them handle that part and not having to deal with it.

Learn more about Teachable here.


Aside from my own hosting offer, I like pointing people to SiteGround. It has a super user-friendly interface and the tech specs are really great. If you’re looking to host with one of the big names, check them out!

Learn more about SiteGround here.*

Ready to take your translation business to the next level? I love and happily became one of their ambassadors. Use the discount code TANYA to get 15% off a yearly subscription.

Check out today.


Looking for a cheap and fast way to send money abroad? More than 5 million people get the real exchange rate with Wise. On average, they are 8x cheaper than than leading UK high street banks.

Start sending and receiving money today!

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs

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